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Barry on Jobs:

Barry believes one of the best ways to create new jobs for Georgians is to eliminate the Georgia income tax. As our State Representative, he will work to end the income tax and replace it with a “Georgia Fair Tax” similar to the Fair Tax Plan proposed by former Congressman John Linder.

In 2008, Barry was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce for his support of business and job creation.


Voter ID:

As our representative, Barry was the lead sponsor in the House for Georgia’s nation-leading Voter ID law that now prevents voter fraud and preserves our American rights.


Second Amendment:

Barry is the only candidate in this race who has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA). There are those who want to infringe upon our right to bear arms. As a proud life member of the NRA, Barry will work tirelessly to ensure that the 2nd Amendment is protected and our rights as Americans are upheld.


Protecting Life:

Barry is endorsed by the Georgia Right to Life and is a strong supporter of protecting innocent life.


Barry’s Conservative Record:

  • Lifetime member of the NRA
  • Received Service Award from Georgia Family Council for pro-life, pro-family leadership
  • Led statewide effort to pass voter ID laws requiring legal identification to vote
  • Recognized by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce with a Lifetime Achievement award for strong support of business and job creation
  • “Legislator of the Year” Award by Georgia Prosecutors for support of tough on crime legislation

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